AmadeusZ & Bebun - FRACTALS

 beat: Bebun

 production: AmadeusZ

 sax: Kaidi Akinnibi

 cuts/scratches: AmadeusZ

 mix: AmadeusZ

 mastering: Roger Wilson



AmadeusZ - V 

 beat/production: AmadeusZ

 sax: Kaidi Akinnibi

 mix: AmadeusZ

 mastering: Roger Wilson





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DJWORKSHOPS.UK and White Post Cafe are excited to introduce another  #7HoursOfLove party in London




F R E E   A D M I S S I O N





The first section of the night will involve an exclusive live songwriting / recording session. Be part of a spontaneous music making experience. Participate in the creative process. Input your ideas for the lyrics, the mood and the feel of the song. You also can sing, rap or play your instrument, it will be profesionally recorded. Our music scientist and the resident D.J. AmadeusZ will produce the recorded material into a radio-ready tune. Come support this one of a kind insouciance and enjoy 50% OFF beer and wine at the bar.



In the second section of the evening, you will get a chance to loosen up 'n' boogie to the inspirational grooves of D.J. AmadeusZ and his wonderfully talented guests. The music genre is simply "the good music".





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